Humility Never Loses

“Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for ‘God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.’”– 1 Peter 5:5


It happens every morning. My alarm goes off (by that I mean one of our kids jaunts into our room about 30 minutes before they are supposed to be awake), I spend time in God’s Word and prayer, I do a quick workout, and then the decision comes. I stare, somewhat aimlessly, at the clothes in my closet wondering what I should wear for the day. Is anyone else ever indecisive in what to adorn for the day?

I quickly do a mental rundown of my daily schedule and decide what attire best fits for the day’s activities, and prepare to embrace whatever God would have for me in that day.

As we think about how to walk worthy no matter what each day throws at us, Scripture provides a simple, yet profound exhortation and guide. It’s encapsulated in one word: humility.

At its core, humility is less of me and more of Christ. It’s laying down my self-interests and pursing Christ’s mission. As Peter outlines in 1 Peter 5, we are to literally clothe ourselves in humility daily. Like literally, everyday, hot or cold, rainy or sunny, we are to make the decision to put on humility in the morning as we embark upon our day, like we would any other article of clothing or a jacket.

In saying this, Peter is making it clear that we have a choice of whether we are going to clothe ourselves in humility each day. You and I choose, everyday, whether we will pursue Christ’s interests or personal interests, and Peter says that the consequences are profound.

Peter says that God literally opposes the proud. Stop for a minute and let that settle in. Do you really want God to oppose you? Do you? I know I don’t and the thought of God being actively opposed to me is terrifying. If you feel like you are struggling with or wrestling with God, it very well might be true. If you don’t want God opposing you then the solution is pretty simple: Repent from your pride! Stop being the center of your own universe. Life isn’t about you and me. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Pride is putting yourself before God. It is pursuing your own glorification and not God’s. This is God’s world and we are just living in it.

God won’t share His glory with anyone else, especially you and me! So if you don’t want to be opposed by the All Powerful, All Knowing, Creator of the Universe, then get off the throne in your own heart, check your ego at the door, stop pursuing your own personal interests, and allow God to reign in His rightful place as you surrender to His will in your life.

Thankfully, Peter doesn’t stop there, because he continues to say that if you do choose to clothe yourself in humility then God will give you His grace. That’s amazing! As you live and love as Jesus taught us, even in hard circumstances, God will give you His grace to see you through even the most difficult times on your hardest days. God’s grace will also enable you and I to slay our own egos on our best days because we recognize that it is God doing it and not us. Here are three words you can take to the bank: Humility Never Loses!

Humility never loses because God’s grace is undefeated, and it is the kryptonite to our human pride. As we realize we are helpless in our attempts to earn our own salvation and sanctification, and that it is only God’s grace that saves us and sustains us, our pride melts away and our self-reliance is slain. We are nothing without God. Nothing!

Pride says, “Look at what I did. Look at how great I am.” Humility says, “Look at what God did. Look at how amazing God is.”

To determine if you are living in pride or humility ask yourself this question: Who do I assign the credit to in my life: God or myself? If your vocabulary is filled with a bunch of “I” statements and very few “God” statements it might be time to reassess who really deserves the credit and the worship in your life. It might be time to repent from your pride and yearn after the humility that yields God’s grace.

So, each morning, don’t leave your humility in your closet at home as you leave for the day, but choose to clothe yourself in humility, and in doing so, you are wrapping God’s grace around you as you embrace the highs and lows of your day. Less of me, more of Christ. Humility never loses.

You Are Loved!

PRAYER: Father, You are the Creator and Sustainer of everything. Please forgive me for all the time I have spent living in pride and being the center of my own universe. Lord, please empower me to live a life filled with humility. Lord, I want your grace daily in my life. I need your grace. Lord, please strip me of any selfish desires and fill me with a hunger for you and your Word. Please strengthen me in you, and help me to live a life of High Gospel impact for you. Lord, please help my full identity to be in you. Thank you Lord, for your amazing grace in my life. Amen.

If you have never surrendered your life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, or if you have questions about what it means to know Christ as your Savior, please click here.


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